Forgot to connect the other 4pin 12v CPU

After my new PSU broke yesterday when running my new PC for and hour or so, I requested a replacement. In the mean time, I went online to thoroughly check tutorials on how to instal a power supply, just to make sure I wasn't doing anything wrong.
That's when I realised I forgot to plug in the other 4pin connector and by "other" I mean, my MoBo supported an 8pin socket and the PSU supplied a 4+4pin connector. The Mobo had a cap on the other 4pin socket so thats why I didn't plug in the other 4pin connector the first time round.
The real question is, would this lead to a failing power supply or damaged Mobo and CPU?
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  1. Not likely. In the vast majority of cases (unless doing heavy overclocking, for example), the 4 pin vs. 8 pin aux power connector is largely a moot point. Modern CPUs are pretty power efficient and do fine with just the 4 pin connector attached.

    Are you now having a problem that you weren't having before?
  2. Not connecting the other 4-pin connector will not damage the PSU, CPU, or the Mobo.
    The one thing it may affect would be the CPU, if you are overclocking. Depending on what
    CPU you have you may not be able to get as high of an overclock with only one 4-pin connector hooked up but it wont damage anything. It was probably just a faulty PSU it happens.
    When the PSU did die though it could have damaged something but probably not PSUs have pretty good fail protection any more. The only way to check to see if it damaged anything is to get the new PSU and see if the system runs stabily at stock speeds.
    Good luck and dont worry chances are everything is ok.
  3. Thankyou very much, that has really put my mind to ease so I can finally relax. However, I am still worried about the way my PSU died. It was running fine like I said for and hour before I started to smell burning plastic and a crackling noise. I shut down my PC via the PSU powerswitch immediately and soon after turn it back on again to identify where the problem was coming from at which point I realised that my PSU wasn't working anymore. But the LED lights on my Mobo were still on but my PC won't power on. Could a power supply also die if you turn it off suddenely? BTW it's a corsair tx650w PSU.
  4. The smell and noise came from the spare Molex connector I tucked away to the corner of the case in which it started to melt right down to the wire on several areas along the cable, also the connector it self was burnt on the corner. I don't know why as it wasn't even connected to anything. But I'm convinced this was the source of all the problems.
  5. PSUs often die in just odd ways. I have seen PSUs that worked great one day, only to perish the next. I have seen premium PSUs fail halfway through their warranty period while I have seen "junk" PSUs last for years.

    I am sure the problem you experienced was coincidental with the 4 vs 8 pin issue and that, in and of itself, did not cause your problem.

    Good luck!!!
  6. Does anyone have any idea what may have caused the molex cable to start melting?
  7. You have a short somewhere. That is the likely cause. Could be in the cable or the device plugged into.
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