Clueless? What Type of Drive or Drives Setup What Work Best

Hello Everyone,

I'm in the process of compiling a list of components for a new build; however, right now I want to ask specific questions regarding DVD/CD & Blu-Ray drive setup configuration. I guessing this is the right forum room but no mention of Blu-Ray on the forum name makes me wonder If I'm off, if so let me know but I'm going to plow ahead with my questions.

I'm mightily confused on the type of drive or drives I should buy for my computer. With my current system, I have a DVD/CD optical drive that both writes to discs and reads them too, however, to watch a DVD movie I have to use a separate drive for that as it will not play on the first drive cited.

I have looked at a good number of drives that write to Blu-Ray, DVD/CDs discs, but it is not always clear if they also read these discs. Furthermore, there are drives that r referred to as a Rewriter drive, and I have no idea if it makes the drive different from a regular read/write drive, so if someone could enlighten me on this issue I would appreciate it. Also there are drives that are titled SATA 12x Blu-Ray COMBO Internal Drive, and here too I am not sure about what the COMBO really means.

Next, I'm wondering should I have multiple drives? Perhaps one drive that reads and writes to a Blu-Ray discs only, it would have to be a drive that is sturdy and won't be problematic burn 50 Blu-Ray discs in a short period of time. I expect that most drives can handle this workload. To addition, I don't think the Blu-Ray XL disc drive is a viable option for me because of the cost of the discs. I can be happy with 25GB discs as this will be the first time I use Blu-Ray for storage backup.

So as I said above, should I then consider having a separate DVD/CD read and write drive? Or would it be better to have one drive that writes to Blu-Ray/DVD/CDs discs but only reads the DVD/CD discs and then I would have a separate drive to read (play) Blu-Ray movies? I don't expect to watch many movies on my computer but I still want the option available to me.

In conclusion, I want a drive or probably drives that can handle all major disc formats--Blu-Ray/DVD/CD. I would like some suggestions on how best to approach this issue, and better still, if someone would like to suggest a particular drive or drives that he or she believes are a good for my expressed needs then by all means offer up the information and where to find them.

The number of drive slots available is not a problem. As for my budget, it's pretty flexible. I would consider maybe $125 if I had to purchase two drives as high but acceptable. I am really not interested in LightScribe technology on the drive but if the drive is a superb drive than it doesn't matter. Also I DO NOT need Blu-Ray or DVD software packaged with a drive as surely that raises the price for something I don't need. Finally, I'm not into OEM drives as they are stripped of wires, manuals, etc. I looking for a retail drive.

As an FYI, I have found that Amazon offers prices on any component needed for building a new computer that are more competitive, if only by a few dollars, than TigerDirect or NewEgg, and these are for components that Amazon is selling directly to the consumer. They are not from a third party vendor. But it doesn't matter from whom I purchase the drive(s).

I hope I have provided enough info to help people help me as to the possible best drive or drives arrangement for my needs. If you need additional information from me, please by all means ask if it will help you hone in on what are good drives for me. Thank u in advance for your contribution.

P.S. As I said above, I'm constructing a new computer and I will make a post to the New Build section, but I want to have hyperlinks setup for each item that I am considering using. Normally this would not take long but I am having a serious cursor moving-on-its-own issue that makes working on the computer impossible when it is happening. Obviously right now I am in control but I don't know how long that will last. Yeah, it's a major pain!
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  1. Don't bother with this thread. Since I have not received any answers after more than two days, I am going to rewrite so it is easier to understand what I am looking for from multiple drives, and then I will post it into a different forum room. Thanks.
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