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i just built my first build and right now i am using a very old samsung 400gb hard drive which gets about 25 megabytes per second read/write, it is on its way out as it is just not able to keep up with what i need. It takes ages to load a map on battlefeild 3 and im sick of it. i am currently looking at a western digital caviar black 1tb, i dont know the model number but it is the newest one with 64mb cache and sata III, i am also looking at the seagate barracuda 1tb that goes for around 70-80 bucks. i realize that the seagate will blow the wd drive away with read write speeds, but i hear that the caviar black is much better quality and has a few other benefits. but my question is which would you guys recommend? also which one is quieter, and will they be silenced by my fractal design define r4? because i know the sound from my current hard drive goes through my case like its a thin piece of paper with holes in it .
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  1. Anyone??
  2. Personally, I'm kind of partial to WD drives as I have had problems with Seagate drives in the past. That's not to say all Seagate drives are bad (one of my external backup drives uses a Seagate drive and I do have an internal Seagate that that has performed well so far.) As far as the noise level I haven't noticed one being more quiet of noisy than the other.
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