Is the Dell Inspiron good for children's games?

Attempting to purchase a laptop for a pre-teen who loves Wizard 101 and such. Found a Dell Inspiron 15R for $600 with i3-350M 2.26Gh, 3 GB of memory, 250 GB hard drive, and a Radeon HD5470, 64-Bit, 1GB, DDR3 128Mx16x4pcs video card. An upgrade is available for the hard drive to 500GB for $66 or the processor to i5-430M for $95. But this is for a child and I do not want to go far beyond $650, if it is not really necessary. Would like to go lower that $600, but that seems like a waste of money for the laptop’s intended purpose. Ideas?
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    here are the specs for wizard 101

    Processor: 1GHz Intel Processor
    RAM Space: 512 Megabytes
    Video Card: Best results with GeForce 2 or equivalent
    (standard in most PCs)

    you are good to go on the original Dell Inspiron specs you listed for wizard 101
  2. Thank you!
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