What is the best pre-built sys from $300-400. [w/ onboard or no gpu]

I thought I found the deal:

.,but then I read somewhere else the GeForce 9200 are crappy graphics. Guess I would need to stick a graphics card in it still.

Since thats going to be the case with any cheap computer, I guess one with great Ram & Cpu, and no graphics would be my best bet.

I think the major cheapo's are emahcine, lenevo, acer?
of these 4 the Emachine EL1352-03 looks best? 4meg DDR3 ram, Athlon II X2 2.8Ghz

What do you think?
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  1. What do you want to do with the computer? Do you have a video card in mind? What is your budget outside of the pre-built - for the GPU and PSU (as discussed below).

    Be mindful that these computers come with pretty weak PSU's, in part because they are not powering GPUs. This means that if you intend to upgrade to a discrete GPU, instead of the integrated, you will also want to upgrade to a good PSU, even if the wattage isn't much higher than the provided one - but the highest these boxes have is 250W, which would be really pushing it, if not fatal, by putting in a discrete GPU.

    So, in terms of budget, be mindful that in addition to buying a new video card, you would also want to buy a new PSU.
  2. oh, good point.

    I was just thinking of a card a little old. Like a hd 5750 type~$100-130 range.

    Just for good all around usage. gaming, video-photo, some HTPC.

    I have a 1 terabyte HD with my files, and a thermaltake psu if I need it. I was kind of looking forward to a smaller psu because my old corsair & x1950xt used to generate a lot of heat.
  3. The 5750 isn't "little old" its just a lower model of the DX11 series, which are the newest models. Anyway, here is a link to the power usage of the 5750: Tom's Thread about 5750 Power usage.

    The conclusion is that you want at least a 450 Watt PSU, which is significantly higher than those that come with the computers you linked. You say you have a corsair PSU, what is the wattage on it? (Also if the PSU is older, it is likely to not be as efficient as a new one, which is also true of the newer GPUs - the 5750 should run cooler than your previous GPU).
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