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HD 5970 DVI-HDMI No Audio Output

I have a strange problem that maybe one of you guru's out there can help me with. My setup: ATI HD 5970 video card using the DVI to HDMI connector. I have this HDMI output connected to an HDMI input on my Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH receiver. If I am playing a game on my PS3 (also connected to an HDMI input) and I then boot up the computer and switch my receiver input to PC, I get no audio through my receivers speakers. If I unplug the DVI-HDMI connector and then replug I get audio. Why do I have to do this? The other scenario is if I boot the computer up first I get audio and then when I switch to PS3 and back to PC I still have audio. It only happens if I boot the computer after I have already been playing the PS3.

Any thoughts?
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  1. When you do not have audio after you use the PS3 and the computer is on right click on the speaker in the lower right hand corner and select playback devices, If the ATI HDMI is not default device make it so.

    What might be happing is that when you change the input on the receiver to the PS3 the PC does not sense that the ATI HDMI is plugged in so it activates the audio device that is plugged in Speaker maybe? Even if the cable is plugged into the receiver, if that input is not selected on the receiver the computer thinks it is unplugged.

    If you always use the ATI HDMI audio out you can disable all the other devices in the playback devices and it will only use the ATI HDMI audio.

    Hope this helps.

  2. ATI video cards the Audio goes the designated Primary video port. Not on both DVI/HDMI output. You have to select which is the primary ouput (DVI/HDMI) using display settings. There is only one audio chip on the GPU card. The audio is routed on one port (dvi/hdmi) at a time.

    I have 4890 connected to 70HDTV and 24 inch LCD. Both are connected using HDMI. The audio goes to video port designated as primary display.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have already tried the setting the ATI HDMI as the default playback device with SoundMax Integrated Audio devices (ASUS P6T Deluxe MB feature) all disabled. With PS3 running and computer booted up the volume icon in the task bar shows a red X in the corner. When I right click on the icon and select playback devices the ATI HDMI device says "unplugged" but the funny thing is, it is actually plugged in!! If I unplug it and replug it connects and everything works OK.

    Oh one more thing... I downloaded and installed the latest ATI HD 5000 series drivers. Still no help...
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    from the way you describe it .. it seems your booting up the pc and THEN switching the audio on the receiver .. this is the issue probably .. since when you boot the machine and have the receiver set to PS3 the card doesn't sense a path for audio so doesn't enable it (only after you unplug it and then plug back in)

    try to switch from PS3 to PC input on the reciever and THEN boot up the pc and see if that helps
  5. Thanks Pletopia. It does work when done as you describe. So I guess this is just an anomaly or probably connectivity incompatibility problem between devices. Since the PC VGA cards output has no throughput it does not enable. I guess I'll buy that. Maybe ATI can make a firmware update to fix. I'll have to let them know right away. Thanks again.

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  7. I have the same problem after installing an updated ATI Driver about 6 months ago. I use the PC as an HTPC. The computer is on all the time. When I turn off the tv, or change the channel then go back to the PC I get a RED X with "no speakers or headphones plugged in" I have to unplug and replug the hdmi cord (or reboot the PC, or disable and reenable the hdmi audio driver).

    This is a driver problem, but I reinstalled several versions of the ATI HDMI audio, Microsoft version, new and old catalysts, still get the same "feature". Some idiot engineer thought it would be more efficient to turn off the HDMI audio stream when not in use, writes a routine to enable this process but fails to correctly identify when it has been reconnected. I just want the HDMI audio stream to always be on. Any ideas?

    PS. And now with all these catalyst (now AMD VISION) reinstalls, and the control center won't even :pfff: open.
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