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i have pentum 3 733mhz, ram 128, i like to increase my memory and alos install a graphics card. what max RAM i can get and which graphics card i sutable for my sysytem.
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  1. Honestly for what it'd take you to find parts to upgrade that system, you'd be much better off starting from scratch.

    Without knowing your system I'd guess you'd be looking for PC133 SDRAM, with a max of 512MB, but that's just a rough ballpark without knowing the motherboard. I'm also not sure if you have a PCI (not PCI-E), or an early AGP board. I'd guess you'd has an AGP slot if it's not an extremely low end board, but again no promises.

    Even if my guesses are correct I wouldn't recommend trying to upgrade it though due to how old the system is. Unless you can find some cheap components at an old shop for under $20 it just doesn't make sence with the processor limitations of your system.
  2. Here is a list of some old graphics cards from 1999 to 2003.
    It's not complete though.Usually they would have Windows 98 support (I would assume that's what your looking for right?)
    It's missing some goodies though like the 3DFX Voodoo 3 and 5 cards (at least one card is in there).

    Perhaps this person is a retro gamer or enjoys the era around the change to the 21st century.Not too many bad DRM stuff back then.
  3. Yeah, unless its for a rig specifically to run older programs, I wouldn't even bother. If anything, you have, at best, and AGP 1x slot avaliable, which you'll pay a premium for simply due to lack of demand. Heck, you might not even have that, and may be limited to PCI!
  4. I think that AGP came out in the Pentium 2 era from what I remember.
    Anyway there were some good PCI video cards too.
    Somehow though during this era I preferred the 3dfx cards because a lot of the games during the late 90's till around 2001 used Glide for the 3dfx cards (Made the game look really 3 dimensional).Somehow open Glide didn't quite look the same for the other graphics cards.
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