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k, story= have ati hd5750 card w/ insignia 26 1080p lcd. used hdmi cable, games looks great but desktop and texts on websites look jagged and out of focus, I tried to manipulate settings w/ catalyst and settings through lcd w/ no luck. changed to vga cable. installed it w/ success. words are softer and smooth and games still look good.res=1920x1080@60hz.but....i can see the refreshing now.again i tried to manipulate all types of settings through catalyst.w/ no luck. so i bought a "better" vga cable. and installed it.but the computer doesnt recognize lcd now and max resolution is 1600x1200@60hz. and i tried to manipulate settings/ resolution w/ no luck. put old cable back on and its recognized w/ 1920x1080@60hz,put new one back and it doesnt recognize.soooo, are there different vga type cables and how can you tell the difference(besides the pins)?
any help is much appreciated.. sorry for lengthy story.thanx
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  1. Try Using A DVI To HDMI Cable (HDMI Male On One End, DVI Male On The Other)....... Should Solve Your Issue.
  2. yo, it took adjusting some settings but it works so far,and its in 1080p also, which i couldnt get to work on straight hdmi or vga.. much appreciated mate
  3. You did not say exactly what model of Insignia TV you have, but looks like your native resolution is 1366x768. Anything you run outside of that will not look exactly right.
  4. actually, most 1080p screens run at 1920x1080. But a 26", i would think it's 1080i or 720p or 1366x768. I have hooked many different PC's and laptops to the LCD TV's I have and setting the native res of the TV/PC looks great.
  5. rattman169 is right, I think everything is 720p under 37 inches
  6. sorry mates I have a 26" 1080p.................
    Insignia 26" Class / 1080p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV NS-26L450A11
  7. So that display does run at 1920 x 1080, is the cable you are using VGA or something else? You would get better quality with DVI at least, or HDMI. If your PC does not have a DVI connector, you can improve your quality by getting a cheap video card that does.
  8. problem was fixed by using dvi to hdmi adaptor@ the PC/ hdmi to the video card is a ATI hd5750 w/ 1 vga,1 dvi, 1 hdmi.
  9. for whatever reason using the dvi w/ the hdmi cable cleaned up the out of focus words that the hdmi only cable was causing.
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