Why cant i boot off an iso image on a disk partition

I bought an ultrabay for the lenovo laptop and plopped a second drive in. The point was to basically load other operating systems on it, blow away, reload... I formated the new drive into 2 partitions using diskpart, made part 1 active. Copied the iso image (trial w2kr8 iso) from the primary hard drive over to the new formated active partion... Reboot, BOOTMGR missing.
Can I just copy any random boot files over to the disk ~ beside the image file, and boot away? I have Roxio business edition, but why does the "make bootable" option gray out whenever you select a phys disk partition instead of a DVD...? Just want to boot an image from a real disk without jacking around with cd's...
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  1. Simply copying the ISO file to the hard drive is the wrong way to do it. The trial_ w2kr8.iso is a "DVD Image" which is only for burning to a DVD-R using burning software which knows how to burn ISO files to disc. Nero will do it, or the free IMGBurn: http://www.filehippo.com/download_imgburn/

    You then boot your PC from that DVD to install the Windows 8 Trial.

    That's the only way you can install Windows from the ISO file.
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