Basic problem.

So if I want to upgrade from my GeForce 310 to a XFX ATI 5770, I must uninstall all the drivers and softwares related to the Nvidia card right?
If I don't, the two cards might clash with each other and none will display, or there will be crashes.
Any other threats?
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  1. I am assuming that the ATI 5770 is compatible and ready to go.


    Yes, Before you preform the upgrade first uninstall the current drivers of your GeForce 310 card, then shut down your computer - Im sure you know how to do the next step -

    After you have the card in it's going to sound very loud. ( or maybe that was just me ) If the card came with a installation cd for the drivers insert that to a cd/DVD drive and install the new drivers for the ATI card. I don't recommended the installation form the Cd.

    It is always better to grab the latest driver from the manufacturers sight. Just so everything is up to date. So once you find it download and install the new drivers and your all set.
  2. Uninstall thru add and remove
    Download and install DriverSweeper
    Run in safemode
    Check off nvidia
    Click purge
    Restart normal
    lnstall Ati drivers from AMD
  3. I never even herd of that way of uninstalling a driver like that...?
  4. Oh god, now that I've been endowed with another 100$, it's greenlight for these babies now:

    which allows me to not mess around with the drivers anymore.
    This sounds way more convenient, don't you think?
  5. Evga, No dought about that. Same cards from different manufactures. Evga and Xfx are true gamers though. So Evga!
  6. You still have to mess with the drivers. Davcon is right. No matter what graphics card you are getting even if you are going from Nvidia to Nvidia.

    1) Download the latest Nvidia drivers for your card/OS.
    2) Go to your Add/Remove Programs and Delete any Nvidia and ATI graphics drivers.
    3) Download Driver Sweeper
    4) Install and run Driver Sweeper, tick off ATI Display and Nvidia Display drivers. Analyse and then run.
    5) Restart in safe mode and run Driver Sweeper again.
    6) Restart the computer and install the drivers you downloaded in step one.

    This is the only sure fire to get your drivers working properly when getting a new card.

    EVGA is my best friend for graphcis cards, but the voltage control and BIOS on the Asus 460s is amazing. Also if you can spring 30 dollars I highly reccomend getting the 1GB version versus the 768MB version.
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