Is Gateway Reliable?

Hello there,
When I was browsing different websites, I noticed that Gateway has the cheapest computers. In my other thread, I was trying to decide between a CyberPowerPC Prebuilt computer, or a Gateway PC with the same stuff except for a larger hard drive, and RAM.

So is Gateway reliable? Gateway VS CyberPowerPC

I am going to use this computer for moderate gaming like Left 4 Dead 2 or something like that. I need a good computer that will last me for at least 4 years.

Thank you!
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  1. it is a Hit or Miss just like most companies out there.
  2. I havent had very good experience with Gateway and neither have my friends. My friend has a Gateway laptop and the screen is always flickering losing power for a moment, and sometimes it just decided to stop charging and since his battery doesnt work, the computer just shuts off. Personally I would go with Cyberpower if you are choosing between those two. Besides Cyberpower will allow you to overclock if you want to.

    Remember the cheaper the lower the quality of the parts.
  3. Basically, they build from wholesale parts, so apart from the CPU and GPU, most other parts may be very generic - which factors into reliability. Problems may arise, if they ever do, with the PSU and/or mobo, also, the hdd may have a higher fail rate than a name brand hdd.

    If you aren't doing much with the computer, you likely won't run into any problems, as people do buy Gateways, and they are still in business.

    Out of curiosity, you say the Gateway has a "better" harddrive and ram? Are you sure? Or does the Gateway just have a larger harddrive and more ram? (It may not mean better).
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