Question about pcb swaps.

Time to put on yo thinkin caps, foo.Let's try to keep this short. Long story short, someone, somewhere decided that they didn't like me vey much and cursed me. I broke the sata data connector on my seagate drive so after an inadequate amount of research I ordered a new pcb. The serial on the original board is 100574451 rev b. I ordered the same one, and was told that the revision didn't matter on this board. The one I got said rev a. I installed it and the drive is getting power (good) but just making clicking sounds. Being detected, but not showing up in the file browser. now all I have to do is get the bios chip swapped.

Here's where my question comes in. I found (the internets told me) that there's specific information on the platters and that's why pcb swaps don't really work. I didn't exactly want to hear this. I spent most of my money on this board (angry young and poor here) my questions are does the revision matter, and will this work at all due to some of the information being on the platters? I'd rafter not blow the rest of my money paying some guy to swap the bios chip to have it not work. I eagerly await and appreciate all responses.
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  1. so when you broke the sata data connector did all of the gold fingers get broken off too? I was in the same boat I broke the same thing but the gold contacts were still there so i just plugged the drive in carefully removed all my data and then sent the drive to seagate and got a new one for free (under warranty sort of) as far as the pcb thing goes I wasnt that desperate to get the drive working seeing as the price of HDD's has come down so much you can pick up a 3tb drive for like 90 bucks. I cant really help you with that end of it but I am not surprised that you are having issues bc these things are not meant to be serviceable so i can see them not behaving properly after switching things out
  2. It sounds to me like your vendor was a crook. Did he say that the board was "for data recovery purposes only"?

    In fact these 7200.12 boards are unique to each drive. You must transfer the serial flash memory chip. Your supplier should have told you that your board would not work without doing this. That's why I recommend only the following suppliers, each of whom will transfer this chip for you: also offer a firmware transfer service for US$20 if you have purchased your board from a different supplier:
  3. May I know why " fzabkar" said the vendor was a crook?

    Do you mean the 2 PCB of REV A and REV B can't be used as same? However, As far as I know different REV version PCB can be used as same. Just need the same board number. Even, some different board number boards can be used as same too, such as 100535537 and 100650117. If you don't understand, you can make a test. If you don't know how to do, you can ask your friend help, like ;; Waiting for your test result?
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