System unresponsive , freeze , hangs when copying from dvd drive

Hello, first my sys. config asus p5G41T-M LX Intel e5500dualcore WD 500 GB (HDD) Lg hl-dt-st dvdram gh22ns50 DVD Drive OS ::XP/WIN 7 2 GB DDR3 the actual problem i got is its a new just 10 days old asswmbled desktop and from the veryfirst day i get problem with the dvd , whenever i copy anything from a dvd the systm gets unresponsive it affects any playback for eg. if its playing some videos(from HDD) it ll get struck or freeze, internet explorer becomes unreponsive and so.. even cant get task manager by ctrl alt del . i can nt understand what is the actual problem, its already in DMA mode . plz help me to sort out this poblem to run the PC smoothly. Email::
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  1. Could be bottleneck. Is your PC have a dedicated videocard? Try using google chrome as your browser. Internet Explorer and Mozilla tend to be unresponsive and sluggish at times. Also make sure if your reading from the optical drive that the DVD isn't damage or have scratches.
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