Freezeing Problems after buying new Video card

Hey everyone... I bought a new geforce 460 last week and ever sice then i have been locking up at random times. All I can think of is my power supply.. But im not 100% sure on it . Thought I would get a bit more insight before I went out and spent 200 on a new PSU...
Anyway thanks for the help in advance

Intel I7 920
Geforce 460 1 gig
corsair tx 650w silver rated psu
Mobo - asrock X58 Extreme
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  1. Your PSU is fine. Could be a driver problem. Did you clean your drivers with driver sweeper before installing the newest ones from nvidia (cd drivers suck)
  2. I didn't use driver sweeper... Will give it a try... and i always use Nvidia drivers
  3. 1) Download the latest Nvidia drivers for your card/OS.
    2) Go to your Add/Remove Programs and Delete any Nvidia and ATI graphics drivers.
    3) Download Driver Sweeper
    4) Install and run Driver Sweeper, tick off ATI Display and Nvidia Display drivers. Analyse and then run.
    5) Restart in safe mode and run Driver Sweeper again.
    6) Restart the computer and install the drivers you downloaded in step one.
  4. Will try it now... Thanks for the quick reply
  5. Ok... so did all of that and now my pc is locking up at the windows 7 load screen after entering my password did the process over again and got the same thing.. works fine without the drivers...
  6. What do you mean by locking up?Does the screen freeze(no animations, no hard disk activity) or does the desktop take forever to reload in spite of the hard disk working?Also which driver version are you using?Is it the one that came with the card?If so then uninstall those drivers as they are generally the old ones and update to the latest drivers(version 258.96)
  7. It Freezes... Can't do anything and have to restart... I Downloaded and installed version 258.96 After doing all of the above
  8. Then you should uninstall the drivers in safe mode, remove your card and put it back in properly and then try to install the drivers again.
  9. Will try it...
  10. Did all of the above... no change at all
  11. Nothing I do seems to help.... maybe the card is bad :cry:
  12. remove the card and re-install it, maybe a bad connection. try another slot. if that doesnt work, return it for another one
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