Which ssd is better

i have trouble picking which ssd i should buy since they both cost the same at my local store, they are both 120gb

Option A: Kingston SSDNow V+200 120 GB Solid State Drive

Option B: Patriot PYRO Sandforce SF-2200

If someone can give me a straight answer as to which one is better that would be very appreciative, please don't suggest any other ssd's since because this is what i can only afford (they both cost the same)

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    They are the same and read the review, and just pick the one has lower price. Maybe the kingston because it comes with the all you need kit.
  2. I have both a Kingston SSDNow (secondary drive) and a Patriot Wildfire (primary drive) and have had no problems with either. However, as cin19 mentioned, go with the kit.
  3. ok thanks guys
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