GPU temperature not showing.

I'm not overly concerned about this because I'm buying a new card soon, but I am curious to know what's causing this. I will be giving this card to my brother after I purchase the new one, so I'd like to know what is wrong.

I've tried a whole bunch of applications that should show the GPU temperature (nvidia control panel, GPU-Z, rivatuner, MSI Afterburner and HMonitor), and all of them simply did not show GPU temperature anywhere (which is why I kept trying more and more, thinking none of them were supposed to show GPU temperature). Then I finally saw this in HMonitor:
It's blank. Nothing there. Did the sensors on the card burn out or something? I'm not having any problems with the card, so I'm confused.
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  1. Yeah sounds like the sensor craped out. It happens kind of often.
  2. The sensors might have burned out or might have been damaged due to improper handling.
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