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Eyefinity setup

Hey, I've been setting up my eyefinity with 2 displays @ 1024x768... I know how to make one continuous desktop by grouping them, but when I do so, both monitors go to 800x600... and 60 hz rather than 1024x768 and 85hz each... is there any way to fix/change this?
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  2. What cables are you using? What monitors? Is this in CCC where you are adjusting the display?
  3. yes and DVI to VGA's
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    This might be a dumb question but you do have the eyefinity edition 5770?
  5. there is no eyefinity edition 5770 there's an eyefinity edition 5870 that supports 6 displays... all cards above 5750 are eyefinity capable.
  6. but 3 screen eyefinity
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