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Hi !

What would be for you the top 10 gaming computer cases ???

Thank you
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  1. In no particular order

    Antec 1200
    NZXT Phantom
    CM cosmos
    Antec 300
    SilverStone FT02R-W
    SilverStone Raven RV02

    erm... 7 will do.
  2. For Air Cooling:

    Silverstone FT02/RV02
    Antec 1200
    HAF X

    For Watercooling:

    Corsair 700/800D
    Silverstone TJ07
  3. Thank you!

    What about Cooler Master HAF X RC-942-KKN1 or here is the list of available in a country where I live
  4. The HAF X is nice, but of the list you posted, I'd be taking the Sivlerstone RV02. As long as it fits your hardware needs, it's the cheapest and the best aircooling.
  5. I will give you a top 5 if you want functionality over design i'd go with
    Antec 902
    Haf -x 942 *not 922 or 932 as their have been terrible problems with top panel connectors being flipped 180 degrees*
    Corsair Obsidian
    lian li k62
    Cooler master Storm Sniper- this is the case i got, and i love all the features of it, it is very build friendly, excelent airflow, silent operation, anti vibration 3.5" drive tooless mounting system, rubber grommets for PSU anti vibration, Great cable management as well with bayed out side panel, can fit the largest Video card on market as well, and a cpu backplate for aftermarket cooling. I also find the looks to be better than ever case i listed or seen in this post.
  6. Well,
    I have been looking a case with best air flow from that list!

    Thank you in advance!
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