Tripple Channel on dual channel

I was wondering if those :
would work on an AM3 platform : 2x2 gb and I take the other 2 GB for my rig that is missing 2GB of ram, exact same timing/speed except they are rip jaws and not trident. Thanks for the hint !
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  1. My memory is currently : 2gb of ripjaws ddr3 2000mhz cas 9 @ 1.6v
    Could I get a 3x2 gb kit @ 1600mhz and overclock the single module to match my 2000mhz speed ? Like those :
    and put the 4 others gb in the new computer ?
    Do you think I will be able to match my module with these ? You think I will be able to overclock them to match my 2000mhz frequency ?
  2. You can split up a kit, thats no problem. Im not sure if you will be able to get them up to 2000MHz with good timings, but you should be able to come close.

    The reason we dont recommend triple channel for dual channel boards is that adding the third stick will send you into single channel mode, but if you have another rig to put the third one into its a pretty good deal.
  3. Alright, I will lose the xmp ready on my rig so I will have to play with the timing/speed to get my os stable ?
  4. Good timing ? Does it really matter if instead of 9-9-9-27-2n it looks like 9-10-9-27-2n ? Is there a huge difference at 2000mhz ?
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    You will need to set your speed, voltage, and timings manually since it will want to bump down to the slowest stick in the system.

    That amount of change in timings is totally negligible, i just meant that if you had a 2000MHz kit running at 7-7-7-21 or similar your 1600MHz kit is unlikely to make it up to that level.
  6. okay thanks for the hints ! I'm ordering :) Have a nice day and enjoy the points :)
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