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hi guyz i wanted to know what should i do to install my new ati graphic card. my previous one is nvidia, so what should i do first - uninstall my nvidia drivers or remove the card first. and will i be able to run ati catalyst drivers in windows 7 i heard they dont work on windows 7:( i am newbie :??:
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  1. 1) Download the latest ATI drivers/Catalyst for your card/OS.
    2) Go to your Add/Remove Programs and Delete any Nvidia and ATI graphics drivers.
    3) Download Driver Sweeper
    4) Install and run Driver Sweeper, tick off ATI Display and Nvidia Display drivers. Analyse and then run.
    5) Restart in safe mode and run Driver Sweeper again.
    6) Restart the computer and install the drivers you downloaded in step one.

    Catalyst will work on your system.
  2. thnx again for the help Helltech :) ill try these steps to install my new gpu hopefully it will work.

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