GPU Temperature and CPU Speed

Hi, I wanted to know how can i measure the GPU temperature and CPu speed and all that stuff. Are there any softwares that can check these temperatures and FSB speed? I heard from a friend that they're arent any softwares available like that :??: if so plz give me a reply and it wouldnt be a problem if i overclocked my GPu and cPu 7% more...
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  1. CPU-z, GPU-z, MSI Afterburner, Real Temp

    These are the only programs you'll need :D

    You're friend has no idea what he is talking about....
  2. Thanks Helltech, Well my friend is an idiot i guess :D ill serach these programs on google thnx for the help again..
  3. yup i got those softwares thx again for the links ill probably give them to the friend to embarrasse him :D
  4. Haha, well have fun and good luck with finding out the information you need.
  5. thnx helltech :)
  6. Everest hmm never heard about that before.......ill try it thankx :)
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