First computer build, oddly high i5-760 temperatures help!

I just finished putting together my first computer last night. Never done it before, and when I started up for the first time and went into bios the bios is showing my CPU temperatures starting at 45 degrees and climbing up to about 50 degrees. This is in bios!

I am worried that these temperatures are not acceptable as when the processor is in BIOS it should be idling right? I have not done any overclocking yet!

System specs:
Case - Coolermaster storm sniper (All stock fans)
Motherboard - Asus p7p55d-e pro
CPU - Intel core i5-760 (Stock cooler)
Memory - 4gb 1600mhz
Graphics card - evga gtx 470 SC
PSU - 750w corsair
hard drive - 64gb SSD crucial

Any help would be appreciated.

I already took the stock heat sink off and I tried putting thermal past on again after cleaning, maybe i'm doing that wrong?

The air inside the case feels very very cold with all the case fans running?
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  1. I have all the fans hooked to the cases "dial up fan speed" and i have the knob cranked to 100% the only fan not on that mode is the stock coolers fan.
  2. Quote:
    Ambient Temperature?
    And what do u mean by cool?
    Where I live, I consider 20C cold, and 30++c cool.......
    Try using HWmonitor from CPUID, it's free

    Ambient temp 25
    In the case 27

    I'll have to give that a try when I get home, but this is very abnormal?
  3. I just ordered a 212 plus also I want to get it idling around 30 and does prime95 display CPU temp?
  4. I'm wondering if this I'd caused by a hardware defect and if I should RMA the item back to newegg?

    I dont know how Long you have before you can't anymore with them

    The system boots fine so maybe that's unlikely?
  5. Well I installed 64 bit windows reset my bios settings and it switched everything to "auto" and power step on all that now my CPU Is idling as low as 33 and occasionally hitting 60 under load.

    I also switched storage configuration to ahci cause I was told this was faster for ssd? Except in 32 bit my windows experience was at a 7.8 now it's at 7.4 for hard drive?

    I noticed using asus's probe that my vcore goes up and down almost directly related to temperature so is there any negative reason not do this since I won't over clock until I get my after market cooler anyway?

    Another thing: the memory is only operating at 1333 even though it's 1600 now. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Quote:
    Temperatures are ok like that, 33C idle,60c load
    I don;t own a SSD, so don't ask me

    Also, Windows Experience is nothing, I can get a score of 1 if I coupled an old Pentium 4 no HT with a GTX580 :lol:

    About ur RAM, are they installed in both channels?

    Sorry for sounding like such a noob but what do you mean in both channels?
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