ATI 3650 and/or 3850 if possible

First off... Great site here

I hope this is a simple enough question.

I would like to install an Ati Sapphire 3650 agp or a Ati Sapphire 3850 agp on my older computer (*see below) to complete an upgrade for it.

My questions are:

1) Can my system handle either of these?

2) Is there a noticeable difference (that's worth the $40 to $70) price difference?

*Info on computer:

Motherboard - D865PERL (with latest BIOS)

Processor - Intel Pentium 4, 3.4Ghz

RAM - 2gb

Power Supply- 650 watt

I will gladly supply any other info needed.

Thanks all
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    2_Yes there is,HD 3850 is noticeably faster than HD 3650
  2. HD 3850 is the best deal out of this these two cards . HD3650 is not going to be much faster than hd 3850 so go for the hd 3850.And your system will be enough to handle an hd 3850.
  3. ty all
  4. because your cpu is so old the difference between the two cards in your system would be very small. I say use the 3650 if you are worried about the price difference
  5. I'm learning as we go here and a similar post discusses "bottle necking".

    I'm having second thoughts about buying these cards so I have a follow up question now.

    Would anyone know (and we will stick with ATI brands) what is the all around best video card I can put in my system. That shouldn't have any issues.

    I play WoW occasionally and some first shooter games.

    I'm replacing an ati 9600 pro 256mb. It is starting ti fizzle out on me.
  6. maybe 4670 agp can be a good choice for's better than the above two mentioned by slight difference...
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