How much data is 5 giga bits per month

We are thinking of getting rid of our land line phone and its DSL and going to a MiWiFi.
IE A wireless connection to the internet for our home computer use. 1 PC and 1 Laptop. No kids using it just the wife and I. Just emailing, shopping, Facebook, and such.
Question would 5 gigs of use per month be ok?
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  1. Have you checked to see if you can get cable internet? I know in my area we can get cable internet for about 20 bucks a month for 1 meg per second. I actually have that myself, and it's not bad. Unlimited use. If you did that, I think I've even seen walmart in the US carry verizon wifi cards like you are wanting that you can buy, but buy data for on cards, similar to buying minutes on a phone. What might be better/more economical is to keep the land line or get some type of cable internet, then get a wifi card that you can keep buying data for whenever you travel or something like that.
  2. Hello All,
    Thank You for your reply's.
    There is NO cable internet available in our area, ONLY DSL over the coper phone wire.
    There is ONLY ONE company that does the phone, cable tv, and DSL. All owned by one family and they refuse to modernize there systems.
    I was looking for a way to reduce our monthly bills, as I have been laid off since 4/21/2010.
    Since we just use the puter's for email, facebook, and such I think the 5 gig per month will do us. If not it is only $10.00 more per month to go to 10 gig per month.
    Also I we both have MAC Apple computers so the OS downloads should be smaller and not as many and that other computer language.
    Thank You all for your time.
  3. If you need help, there may be a way to share your internet connection for all of your computers.

    I understand about the no job deal, got laid off myself last month, so I know how it goes. Beware though, apple does have some massive updates, like 700+ mb. I was actually Apple certified. Let us know if we can help with anything else.
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