HTPC for Media closet (around 400$)


BUDGET RANGE: 400$ +/- 50$

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: HTPC for DVD, Hulu, Music, etc. Will also share a printer, drives, etc. May use to serve media around the house, if possible.

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, OS (Win 7 64 Pro or Home Prem)



PARTS PREFERENCES: microATX form factor



MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 (over HDMI through Denon AVR-2310CI into Pioneer Kuro KRP-500M)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: PC will be housed in media closet close to gigabit ethernet, cable, power, etc. Would like it to use as little electricity as is reasonable.

I'd like to build an HTPC/Media PC for my living room. I haven't ever fully built a PC, but have basically done everything except put a MB in a case. I used to build/rebuild/OC (on the old Celeron 300s) about 12 years ago, but since then have been purchasing pre-built mostly.

PC will be in closet, so the look of the case is not terribly important. Will be hooked up via HDMI, and will use a Media Center remote through my existing IR Repeater system.

I'm currently considering the following parts:

Motherboard + CPU Combo = $216, $206 AR  
RAM - 93$  
Remote - 27$  

Hard-disk - Whatever SATA 500-1TB drive I can find for 40-75$

No Optical Drive needed right now

My biggest issue is the case / PSU to buy. What would work well for this? I'd prefer to buy a combo, just for ease of building, but can be persuaded to buy separates. As I said, the case doesn't have to be a pretty HTPC, so long as it is reliable. One 5.25", a few internal 3.5" bays, and some front USB ports. There are so many choices, and I'm not sure what to look for. Cheaper is better, but it's hard to tell what is cheap and what is junk.

Obviously, I'm open to suggestions about my choices. I'm not locked into Intel i3, but want something easy and reliable for family use. Trying to be reasonably future-proof (chosing this over D525 Atom).

Thanks in advance.
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  1. No need for 4GB of ram for this. IMO a cheap dualcore Athlon+integrated mobo GPU would handle this fine.
  2. ^+1

    athlon II X2 + 880G board + 2GB ram would work just fine (will even handle blu-ray

    as for Case + PSU, i would go with one of the antec's as they have good PSU's (other brands i wouldn't trust so much)
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