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My son is in school in LA and uses a gaming desktop running Windows 7. All of his programs and data are on one hard drive. I have a similar but not identical desktop box. When he comes to NC for a visit, is there a way for him to bring just his hard drive and plug it into my box and run his programs. I can either add his drive to my current setup, or remove my boot drive and insert his
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  1. That will not work. First thing is that it needs to be the same hardware, at least the same chipset and video card to work. Second windows will recognize the "new" hardware and ask for a reactivation every time you change the the disk.
  2. Ok, thanks. Can I add his drive to my box, boot to my current drive, and have Windows find the second boot drive's programs. Or does the fact that his is a boot drive somehow prevent this from happening?
  3. Depends on the game/programs. Some will still function without a re-install; some wont, its hit or miss really.
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