CPU and GPU cooliers.

Hi everybody.
I'm about to buy a new computer (yey) and I was wondering about cooling options for CPU and GPU.
What's on the table right now is Intel I5 760 and Nvidia GTX470.
Now a few constraints:
A) I live in a desert. during the last summer ambient temperature reached 40C (and I live without air condition).

B) Budget and technical skills: I'm on somewhat of a budget. I.e., can't afford 500$ WC systems. My cooling budget is about 150$ (cpu AND gpu). Can't really build anything overly sophisticated either - but that also means that I don't overclock. So off the shelf systems that can be bought online are good.

C) Room and wight: I would like something that won't put extra-stress on the motherboard - but that's "nice to have" and not mandatory.

I was reading around here (and elsewhere) about the H50/H70 and got mix reviews, can you guys elaborate on it (and on other good CPU coolers that might fit my needs)? Also, can you suggest a good GPU cooler and if you are already here, suggestions for a good motherboard (100$-150$ price range) would help a lot.
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  1. I use an msi h55 board for my i3, and it works fine. They start at around $65 in the usa. For a good cooler, get a 120mm arctic cooler, scythe, or thermaltake with 4 pin fan connector so it will work with smartfan, a hardware monitor setting in the bios. Otherwise, your fan will sound like a freight train running at full speed all the time. Be sure your case is wide enough for the 120; some are pretty large. I think cheaper water coolers are overated for what they cost. I don't use them, and I live in south texas, which is probably as warm as your desert climate. Newegg has some gpu copper coolers that are massive. But I would stick with the stock cooler so you don't void your warranty. Be sure to register it online if possible. Some brands offer lifetime warranties for online registration.
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