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This may be a somewhat newbie system, but one of my new builds is performing pretty pitifully, despite having some high end parts (listed below).

Even when I run specific GPU or CPU or RAM benchmarks, they only get about 20% of the score that online baselines report they can get.

Doing some research, I suspect it may be a bottleneck from either the motherboard (the only really cheap component) or the power supply (pretty significantly underpowered for this build).

However, the system isn't unstable or throttling (which I'd expect from a overworked power supply, right?)

I just wanted some confirmation or thoughts from the community before I went out and burned more money.

AMD Athlon II X2 245 (CPU)
A-DATA 2GB (2x1) DDR2 800 (RAM)
XFX Radeon HD 4870 (Graphics)
Corsair CX400W (PSU)
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 (HDD)

Oh yeah, and I'm also pretty sure it's not a heat problem since CPU idles at ~35C and GPU and ~65C
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  1. -CPU idles at ~35C
    Thats normal.

    -GPU and ~65C
    Thats a bit high for a 4870

    Oh yeah, this is in the wrong place.
  2. Well... What are the benchmarks you ran and the scores? They might not be as bad as you think.

    Your motherboard and memory are the weak spots followed by your CPU (not the most powerful dual core IMO :( )
  3. Temps are fine. That PSU has enough power to drive that rig as well. Which "online baselines" are you looking at?
  4. Sorry if this is the wrong section, I'm not sure which one is the right one.

    As for benchmarks, I was using 3DMark06 and PerformanceTest 7.

    I just ran PT7 again, and it gives me a score of 212.8 overall. In nearly every category it scores about 20% of the baseline with the same CPU, GPU, and OS.

    Now, I'm not expecting near that performance, but at least subjectively, I find it suspicious that I can't run FFXIV beta on lowest settings at 720p (it lags to nearly unplayable) when people online report being able to run it at near highest settings at 1080p.

    I know it's bad methodology to test only one game, but that leads me to suspect that at the very least something is bottlenecking the potential performance of the card.

    PT7 CPU and GPU test: http://i52.tinypic.com/29wwe1v.png
  5. Have you verified 1) Your CPU is showing as supported in your BIOS (meaning it doesn't show unsupported CPU), and 2) Your BIOS are the correct version for your CPU?

    Having a unsupported CPU will cause the system to down clock resulting in an underclocked CPU and low performance results:
  6. Hmm, I just realized that even though CPU-Z and the Phoenix BIOS is reporting the mobo as N61PB-M2S the mobo I bought is listed retail as the MCP6P M2+.

    I'm not sure what you mean by supported in BIOS, since I don't see where it lists the CPU. However, I am able to OC and see the Vcore numbers fine, and it's listed on Biostar's site as a compatible CPU:


    Thanks for the help guys, btw. I really do appreciate it.
  7. Is your RAM compatible with your BIOS?
    My old system had that problem so the RAM was underclocked.
    Otherwise, I'm not sure how your system is handling FFXIV so poorly, maybe some of the more experienced members here could provide feedback and advice. :)
  8. 1st of all, using a beta to bench your system is flawed logic. We saw this alot in SC2.

    Perhaps the stuttering your experiencing is in fact with the software of the game.

    2nd, not to be a jerk, I would consider your system to be "high end" in any sense of the word.

    The only component that is worth it's salt is the 4870, and that might be suffering at higher resolutions if it's only 512MB(wasn't listed as 1GB or 512MB)

    What you have is a mid-range system from 2 years ago with a good graphics card.
  9. The only way possible that your system could be running that slow is that you have not installed the 4870's drivers. Hell I had an older 6000+ with a 3870 and it ate modern games for breakfast...download the latest catalyst driver from AMD's website and run those benches again...20% man you have got to be joking that''s a beast of a card, and although not the fastest CPU..it's plenty to give that card a good boot.
  10. Try downloading the latest Catalyst drivers for that card. Or follow up on checking whether your BIOS is compatible with your RAM and CPU.
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