Laptops-HP dm14 or Dell inspiron/studio 14/15

Hey, this is not for me, but for my sister for college. She wants a thin computer that has a good battery life. She dont care about the rest, but I want here to have one with a great processor, the intel i5.
I do not want this to go over $800
She wants either a 14 inch to the 15.6 inch.
I showed her this one, but she absolutely hates the cover on it, and she wants something that looks good.
She saw the dm14 in person at best buy and really liked it, but before she got it, i wanted to make sure that she is making the right choice. I cant seem to find any place that is asking the question as mine:

Should we get the dm14, or the dell 14 or 15 inch laptops

HP Pavilion dm4(or dm4t, i dont know the difference):

I really want any other computer to match those specs or be better than it. The Dell's are about $850 if they are configured to the same specs as the HP computer.
So, i want to know if there is some reason to get the dell over the Hp for the increase of the price.
It will be used for college, like microsoft word, and researching, and porbably watching movies, and a couple of games, not big ones, but like addictinggames and stuff like that.

If there is ANY computer that can match those specs or better for a 14 or 15.6 inch would be really great! But, the price has to be under $800, and it has to look good.(atleast a intel i5, please)
Every link that you guys give me, i will show my sister, and she will pick if she likes it, thanks!!!!!!!!!!

I found this one, it is pretty cool, but i need some of your feedback:
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  1. anyone????
  2. thanks for the replies both of you. I will not get the msi then, plus it gots no reviews.
    I really like the sony computers, and i had experience on them and i agree with you, but the price is too high for the same specs, it turns out to like $950
    the dell latitde: pulled up pictures of the models you listed and my sister said it was "ugly"
    I think i am gonna get the dell studio 15".

    What do you guys think about the studio 15?
  3. parth95 said:
    What do you guys think about the studio 15?

    It's ok, probably slightly better than the HP. The reviews I linked are mostly favorable. The build quality isn't great, but for the money it's tough to do better.
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