1) When do I need to use a RAID card?? do we use them only if there're more than 2 drives?

2) And if I'm only doing RAID between 2 drives and I use RAID card,will the speed be greatly improved??

3) If my MOBO only supports RAID 0,1,5,10, and I put in RAID card,will I be able to use all levels of RAID[all 1-15]?

4) Is the purpose of RAID card just to speed up R/W speed among drives in RAID??
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  1. 1.) You need a RAID card if you want to build a RAID array that your mobo doesn't support. Any new mobo should support 0, 1, 5, and 10.
    2.) RAID 0 will increase your speed by splitting files between drives. The risk is if one drive files you lose all your data.
    3.) Depends on the RAID card.
    4.) RAID 1 will make drives be a copy of each other. This way if a drive files you won't lose any data. Raid 0 is for speed as I said in 2.). Raid 10 is 1+0, which is 2 sets of RAID 0 in RAID 1. It requires at least 4 drive and will be quicker and more reliable.
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