Ram dead, time for an upgrade

Ok, I've searched about one hundred different keywords on google, and can't find any good sites to help me make a solid decision.

Current specs:

E2200 CPU
Asus PG45 something or other crappy motherboard
4GB ram (3.37 usable, when not causing crashes)
EVGA GTS 250 for video
Ultra 600w PSU

What I'm looking for is an upgrade to a quad core. I'm not interested in bleeding edge, all I want to know is what MB/CPU combo I should be looking at ub the 3-500 range. As I'm in Canada, I unfortunately dont have access to Newegg, because they hate us, but I have a lot of local dealers, including tiger direct with prices that are close.

After dealing with several asus components over the last few years, I have no interest in their products, as their reliability has been terrible to me.

I don't have any particular loyalty to either AMD or Intel, and I've read dozens of reviews for both touting each to be the best for the money.

The only game i really play on my pc is world of warcraft, and currently my pc has trouble hitting 40fps at max settings, so I want to be sure when the new expansion comes out, I can keep the textures rolling. Some nice headroom would be nice as well.

I was looking at:
CPU: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4959973&csid=_21
MB : http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=5019782&csid=ITD&body=MAIN#detailspecs

total for the two is $346, which leaves me some room to replace my aging Lian Li case, which has been through the wars, is missing two feet, and is cracked in half from a shipping malfunction

I'm a little confused about the i5 processors though. The i5 650 is an additional 25$, and looking through the information, a couple things are throwing me for a loop.

1) even the the i650 is only a dual core, it handles 4 threads at a time, at a faster possible bandwidth than the 750. (3.46-3.2)
is this processor overall *faster* than the 750?
2) the 650 contains "integrated graphics". is this a separate chip on the CPU that pre-renders video? if so how is performance affected when you already have a dedicated GPU?

Any clarifications or recommendations (for my choice, or an alternative) would be greatly appreciated

edit: found an alternative mobo that seems a little more future safe with SLI, and a few other extras

If I decide on an i5 processor, im leaning towards the EVGA board
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