Sound card with Line-In and MIC that are not shared

Hello all,

I am looking for recommendations for sound cards that do not have a shared Line-In/MIC jack. I want to be able to use a MIC and hear my Line-In at the same time. My old sound card (Audigy Gamer) was able to do this. My onboard sound has enough jacks for 5.1 speakers, Line-In and MIC, but when I have Line-In connected, I lose the MIC.

I've done some searching and it seems most current cards use the shared Line-In/MIC jack. Can anyone recommend a sound card that can have Line-In and MIC in use at the same time?

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  1. Hello, and welcome to the Guide.

    I believe your motherboard can support this. If not, try looking into newegg. I will see what I can find there.
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