Need power supply suggestion for new GPU


I recently bought an ATI HD 4350 for this Compaq PC:

After installing I noticed that the PC is not performing as it once did. It got really slow. I was told to get a new PSU. I've been looking at these ones:


Would these be compatible with my computer? Would I need adapters for my current hardware? I'm clueless when it comes to power supplies.

I appreciate all help given :D Thank you.
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  1. the PSU you linked are better served as paper weights or fireworks for the 4th of celebrate that in the UK right?

    the ATI 4350 uses as much power as a case fan and while upgrading to a quality PSU is always a good idea, I doubt its your issue.

    this would be a very good upgrade for you
  2. Hi ct1615,

    Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned that I don't want to spend over £25 for a new PSU. I know its cheap but its being used for a media PC.

    I think the 4th of July is just an American celebration (When you guys got independence from the British).

    Any other suggestions?
  3. i was joking on the 4th july

    i would not go below this antec unit in price, anything else and you can endanger your hardware (its in your budget on scan)
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