I7 temp question.

I just finished my i7 875 build using my ECO C240 A.L.C. cooler. I mounted the cooler on the board very tight and my temps are about as follows (using core temp and real temp)

core 0 - (18-26) *
core 1 - 22
core 2 - 26
core 3 - 20

My question is about core 0. After I boot windows 7 up as it sits in idle with 2% load core 0's temp fluctuates quite frequently. It will go from 18c and jump to 25c in a second and then go right back down to 18-19c, then after a couple of seconds it might go back to about 26. It continues to fluctuate while the other cores remain relatively the same.

Is this normal?
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  1. Is it normal to fluctuate so rapidly though? If I'm idling on the desktop with nothing else running core 0 will stay around 19-20c but then in 1 second will spike to about 26-28c, then drop immediately back to 19-20c.

    This might be normal, I just wasn't sure. I've reseated the CPU a couple times and on every time I come out with the same results.
  2. I wouldn't say epic face palm. This is a new cooler that I'm trying and there have been issues with it not seating properly, etc. I just want to make sure that everything is good to go.
  3. I agree, I wanted to make sure I'm all set to run Prime95.
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