Gaming Desktop under 700

I need help finding a good gaming desktop for under 700 dollars, maybe 750.
I would like at least an intel I5 processor and good graphics card.
overall a fast good gaming PC
i play aion so i need a good graphhics card xD
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  1. under $1000, AMD is usually a better deal.

    however, with a bit of searching...
    This combo:

    plus this video card:

    is $741.94, but with $50 in rebates, its $691.94 after rebates
  2. woah good deal , thanks
  3. Depending on your monitor resolution, you might wanna go with a $230 GTX 460 Superclocked (Fermi) 1GB

    Total cost = $561 + $230 = $791

    But for anything upto 1600 X 900, the 5770 is more than good enough.
  4. Good lord man why do you have to settle for the frames generated from a HD 5770 with a $700 budget these days @@
    Eg: @ $600AR we have off Egg USA

    You may chose to swap out for a 955BE/870 with USB/SATA 3.0 if u want more bells/whistles outside frames generation hehe Or if $750 is max a 60GB Sandforce based SSD
  5. because he asked for an i5, Batchuka :)
  6. Ouch hopefully the frames will convince TS to explore alternatives given games aren't even X4 optimised @@
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