Need a little help/advice with first build.

To start with, I've never built my own pc, so I really don't know what I'm doing or looking for.

Right now I'm using a HP Pavilion a6813w, I upgraded the video card to a Radeon HD 5750 and have a OCZ Fatality 550w PSU. I'm wanting to add more so that I'm able to play games at high settings, would love to be able to play Crysis 2 when it comes out.

So far I'm thinking I could get by with a new mobo, cpu, and ram, and keep my PSU and video card, until I can get some more money.

Right now my budget is around $500 and I'm really interested in the AMD Phenom II X6.
The case I'm using now is fairly small, the mobo is 9.6inches x 9.6inches, so I'll probably need a new case as well.

Ohh and will DDR2 ram work in a DDR3 mobo?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. and sorry if this post doesn't make much sense, I'm really tired, long day at work.

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  1. ^ If you choose a mATX mobo, then it would fit your case...
    Also for gaming, I dont think the 1090T is a good choice...The X4 955 is equally good in gaming...
    Here are the parts -
    X4 955 + MSI 880G mATX with SATA 6GB/s and USB3.0

    RAM - Mushkin 4GB DDR3

    And NO DDR2 RAM wont work on a DDR3 mobo...

    But if you want to save money, you could get this mobo and reuse the DDR2 RAM that you have...
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    After doing a little research I think I will end up getting the X4 955.

    On the mobo though, I'm kind of wanting to eventually go the x-fire/sli route. I know I'll need a bigger case if I do that, so what would be a good case and mobo?

    Also is Windows 7 worth upgrading to? Right now I"m using Vista Home 64bit.
  3. There's no point CFing a 5750. The 6000 series is almost out and will make that upgrade route obsolete.

    For 500$ there's just not a lot that can be done in terms of CF in that you'll need a new case, mobo, CPU, ram, and potentially PSU for just that amount.
  4. ^ Like he said, the 6000 series will be launching in a month or 2...So going 5750 Crossfire wont be a good idea...
    But if you want a Crossfire board and a good case, then -
    X4 955 + Rosewill CHALLENGER

    Gigabyte 890GX + Corsair 4GB DDR3
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