My nvidia card is worse

I have bad experience with NVIDIA 8600 G force cards, Because ot over heating they get crashed and just the month the warrenty expires they are self programmed to get crashed... every year I need to go for heavy loss because of NVIDIA cards. HP and NVIDIA is earning huge profits by providing the lowest quality products is there any regulation in international court of justice to sue them???
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  1. ICJ is between nations, not corporations.

    Your local courts is where you go.
  2. yes but the head quarters of these Crap card companies is situated outside India ... not even me but Millions of consumers are facing heavy losses because of NVIDIA and HP nexus .. none is bothering to find out about the main reason and millions of customers like me are worst hit.
  3. Doesn't matter, you sue locally, if there isn't enough business in that country to matter, then it's tough luck, buy something else next time, but the ICJ is not for such petty things.
  4. Consult your lawyer in such a case.
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    Its called getting shafted!! We all get shafted regularly by large corporations and it feels like there is nothing we can do about it. The only real way to combat this is to take the once bitten twice shy attitude, and don't buy products or receive services from companies that do not deliver!!

    I can from experience say Samsung will never get another penny from me or any one of my family/friends adn I will never use a samsung part in any of my customers builds again. I also steer all my customers clear of any Samsung Product!

    If you keep geting burned by HP/Nvidia, stop buying the products, and get everyone you know to as well, and e-mail them to say your piece and that you will never support them again, Finally--Stick to your guns__and support good manufacturers and service providers!! (Crucial, WD, Sapphire, Corsair, Coolermaster, BENQ, the list goes on!)
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  7. Yes Moricon you are right from now onwards any one who has to buy the new PC of laptop I will never advise him to buy the HP or NVIDIA product .. u will wonder that till now I have told about more than 50 of my close friends ( who were buying the HP) not to buy the HP at any cost..
    Till now I have made the HP to suffer more than what they have made me ... but still I am worry about those who don't know this :(
  8. I've never had a problem with HP, got 2 laptops in this house from 05/06 that still run great, unlike the multiple Dell laptops that have completely died.
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