NEW BUILD 1200ish. need suggestions plz

hello, i put together a build on newegg, and was hoping some1 can critique it and offer suggestions.

i dont need a disk drive and i already ordered a spinpoint 1tb harddrive off of amazon.

antec 900 ~$100

asus monitor ~ $190

gtx 470 ~ $300

cpu cooler ~ $30

psu/memory combo ~ $193

cpu/mobo combo ~ $360

total ~ $1250 including the 1tb HD off of amazon

im not sure about the memory in the combo deal. are they're better/cheaper alternatives?
also need a compatibility check.
Please, any suggestions or comments will be greatly appreciated.


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  1. ^ Good choices...
    How about this case + modular PSU ?
    Antec 900 + XFX 750W

    And get this card - Comes with free game and also with rebates if that matters...

    RAM -
    $5 off w/ promo code EMCYXYN43, ends 9/8 and has $15 in rebates...
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