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I'm looking for a solution to backup my boss Windows 7 laptop data (Word, Excel, and most important, Outlook pst file) whenever she plug her laptop to LAN.
Would be better if the solution can do incremental backup for pst file (20GB and counting:-()

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  1. It could be our office network or her home network.
    The challenge is, the solutions should be able to detect when the backup server is in range and backup her rather large (40GB) data, so
    1. Auto (home/office network) sensing, I cant do it with a fixed schedule as she's traveling around the region, and her schedule at home/office is unpredictable.
    2. Incremental backup
    3. Set and Forget is best!
  2. I believe the best way to go would be a cloud based backup solution. This way she could backup whenever she has a network connection. Have you visited any of the links in my last response? I understand the need for automatic backups and it should be possible during the configuration process. I'm assuming she would want access to a backup where ever she may be.
  3. Hi I'm trialing Genie Timeline, she wants LAN Backup, not Cloud, and again her Outlook file is about 20GB, if using Cloud based backup, it will ever be completely backed up!
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