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Processor: i7 950
Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R
RAM: Corsair Dominator 6gb 3 channel ddr3
Graphics Card: EVGA Gtx 460 Sli or single card
Hard Drive: 1TB Samsung F3
Case: HAF 932
Power Supply: Seasonic x series 750w
DVD Burner: Samsung 22x dvdrw ide
Sound Card: Azuntech X-Fi Forte

What do you guys think about this build, the reason i am not thinking of doing an sli,
is because amd would be coming out with a 6000s gpu soon.

So i was thinking of using the 6000s gpu as my main card and using the gtx460 for physx
in the future, what do you guys think?

Thanks for reading

In my country the total cost would be arnd S$2300(Non SLI) S$2600(SLI) converting to us dollars it would be US$1700 & US$1940 Respectively
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  1. ^ If it is going to be a gaming PC, then I doubt the i7 would offer any significant performance increase over the i5 760...
    Also note that Intel is going to replace both the sockets next year...
    Else the components look pretty good...
  2. So i was thinking of using the 6000s gpu as my main card and using the gtx460 for physx
    in the future, what do you guys think?

    You would need hacked drivers for that.
  3. Physx is dead... no need to even go there.

    Sound card is also unnecessary.

    For gaming drop down as gkay said to 1156 and i5-750 or 760. Also a HAF 922 is fine, no need for a 932.
  4. I see so I might as well go for an i5, hmm sound card is unnecessary? I have a headset that needs a soundcard hmm if I drop to i5 should I go for a 5970 then? Okay let's say the budget is 2000 us dollars what would you guys recommend me?

    Thanks for reading as I have save for 5 months for a good gaming rig which would hopefully last me for high settings for about a year an a half.
  5. ^ If you are not in a hurry to buy the PC, then I would suggest you wait just for few more months...
    All the sockets are being replaced by Q1 next year and also newer cards from both ATI and Nvidia are expected by Q4...
  6. Haha I have already waited for 5 months
  7. ^ Lolz...

    Then you can get the X58 platform - the current most powerful , if you can afford it as it would easily last long...
    But if it is only going to be a gaming PC, then the i5 would suffice also you can upgrade to i7 8xx later on...
  8. might be doing multimedia in the future, so i guess i just stick with the i7 btw the cm 922 would be able to fit my mobo selection right? also im intrested in the cm 922 red version but im wondering the side is it a panel or a mesh panel as i would want to mount a fan on the side
  9. ^ The 922 is a Big Mid Tower, so it wont have any issues fitting the mobo and the graphics card, actually it can fit even 2x HD 5970s...
  10. thanks gkay09 and the rest for your help :)
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