Improving Laptops Graphical Performance

Hello, I have a Toshiba A300

I went on Can You Run This and everytime my graphics card let me down. I was wondering if there were any workarounds to this? External Graphics cards or anything? Any help would be fantasti
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  1. Don't know much about it but try googling vidock.

    Really though you are most likely stuck with what you have which is not great.
  2. Short of purchasing a new laptop with a better integrated video... no there is nothing much you can do other than lower graphic settings.
  3. All you can do is either buy a new laptop or call Toshiba and ask if they can upgrade the graphics in the A300, usually its expensive if they can and I doubt they can...
  4. Ah that's a real shame, cheers for the help though guys! Looks like i'll just have to stick to my consoles...
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