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Hey guys,

I have an '08 inspiron that I just reformatted about a week ago and now it won't even finish booting! When I first reformatted it everything ran great for the first few days and then it started to freeze about 5 minutes in to use, then 4 minutes. . . and now it won't even go 30 seconds before it freezes. When I say freeze the whole thing locks up and requires me to do a hard reboot, it doesn't start going again after a few seconds.

I've gotten this error once when the comp actually ran for 2 or three minutes and got past bootup, but that is rare.

Please let me know if you need any more info so hopefully you can help me get this resolved. Today I actually have all new computer parts coming in because I'm building a new one so I can test and see if it is the power supply, and I can also re-apply the goo to the heatsink fan and reset that.
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  1. How about doing what the message says and flashing a bios update from the motherboard manufacturer. You must have something new that needs ACPI or something changed configuration to use ACPI and your motherboard doesnt support it.
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