Gtx 470 SLI power needs question

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  1. Yes. Each GTX 470 will draw 17.9 Amps Maximum under full GPU load so with two cards in SLI that will be 35.8 Amps maximum.

    Since the 750 Watt power supply provides 60 Amps on its single +12 Volt rail you will have 24.2 Amps available for other components in your system.
  2. a really top tier 750w would be ok, but an 850w would be better. of the two you listed the 850 is better. check out jonnyguru and research before you buy:
  3. Both of these corsair should run gtx 470 in sli, but 850 w would be my pick.
    Enough legroom for any oc, additional hardware/hdd etc..
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