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Hi guys,

I am moving to a newly build house, the house has a center control box, and ethernet ports through out the house. The builder said, I need to put a gigabit switch in the control box where the cable modem will be located. So in the control box will contain the cable modem and the gigabit switch.

I am wondering if I can use a good wireless router instead of the gigabit switch. So this way I have wireless connection and wired connection in the house. I am not sure if a wireless router will work as a switch. If it does, can someone recommand me a decent wireless router, I want to be able to receive good signal throughout the house.

Will work?

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  1. The router you're looking at is a good one. Not sure if it's the "best", but it fighting for top place with only a few others.

    A router with 4 ports really is a 5 port switch, but one of the ports are hooked up to a mini-computer in the router which is the NAT/Firewall.

    So yes, it is a "switch".

    If you need more ports, just purchase another gigabit switch, plug it into the router, and hooks more PCs up to that switch.
  2. Your going to have to purchase a router regardless. Without a router, your network won't communicate outside your house. So regardless, you need a router first. A switch is good if you have the ports running through your house already.

    Also, you don't "HAVE" to purchase a gigabit switch. It would be amazing for your network, but not a necessity. If your doing large file transfers within your home network, then you will see a difference. If all you use the internet for is surf the web and play games, save your cash and get a 10/100 switch.
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