How to get Windows Live Movie Maker dvd's to play on my TV dvd player

Using Windows 7, Windows Live Movie Maker Burnt to DVD, I can get disk to play on computer but not on my TV dvd player
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  1. What is the brand of TV DVD Player you have? Not all DVD Players can read burned discs.

    Also, are you burning this as a DVD or a Data disk? Make sure that you are burning as as movie DVD.
  2. What my project was putting pictures on DVD to play a slide show with background music
    I have a Sony Theater system and a Pioneer DVD recorder.Both say cannot read disk. I am burning to DVD -R disks. If I use Widows DVD Maker and same DVD -R disks it plays OK. I was having trouble getting background music to work properly using Windows DVD Maker and searched and read that your should use Windows Live Movie maker.
  3. Also, be sure to burn to a DVD-R or DVD-RAM not a DVD+R, +RW, or -RW as these are not designed for DVD video.

    Lastly, when burning a DVD be sure to burn at a nice slow speed (generally 1/2 of the max speed), otherwise it will not burn as deep/clearly and players with weak lasers will have trouble with the discs.
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