Swapping pcb's?

in order to do this do i need to have the Exact same model number as mine? OR can the last letters after the model number be different? ie mine is WD3200BUDT. (if any1 has 1 spare get intouch) or can i use one from say a WD3200BUXT?

I have been told my harddrive is fine as it powers up and sometimes itll connect,iand that ts the board that has had it and that i can swap boards to retrieve my data and be working again..(alot of vids on youtube too)

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  1. or how about using one thats the same model but one that has less or higher space..i.e WD2000BUDT?
  2. I've used one with slightly different model number like in your first example but I already had confirmation that it was the same bd just for a different client. ie - manufacturers make the same drive with 5 different models so store dont have to pricematch kind of thing.
  3. so basically you mean theyre the same? ive been offered a WD3200AVVS but im unsure wether itd work or noit.

    So ive just gone an purchased 1 of those enclosures as a mate said they work great and it was the cheaper option. If it still dont work then ill get another haddrive and swap boards over.

    But how do i find out if boards are compatible? :/

  4. i have always tried to get the board from an identical drive when doing this

    otherwise you could end up buying one after another

    so unless you know for a fact a similar model pcb will work you should really try to get the exact same

    usually i get the whole drive from ebay

    like this

  5. yeah thats the 1 im watchin :) its identical then.
  6. cant say 100% its identical for sure--its certainly the same model number

    have seen cases where they have made more than one revision and changed the shape of the pcb

    does whats written on it match exactly to yours or just near enough the same?

    can always ask the seller for a photo of the rear of the drive--there may be a part number on the pcb

    you might also need a t5 or t6 screwdriver to remove the pcb--though some do use small phillips screws
  7. it is 99% identical.
    MDL is the same REV is the same FW is the same
    only things different are WWN, DCM, DC

    so do you think it is worth it?
  8. yes its close enough

    give it a go--if it doesnt work just resell the drive

    that way its not costing you
  9. yeah thats it
  10. For WD drives PCB's swap check: http://www.harddrivepcb.com/swap_replacement_guide.html

    If you still don't know which is your donor PCB, contact them by email.
  11. ah right cheers.

    cant remember what ive done with it now tbh think i binned it as getting it tested in a shop and it wouldnt connect i gave up on it.
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