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Hello Tom's Hardware Community,

I currently have a 512GB Corsair Force GT SSD. I have a server and I want to get four more Hard Drives (WD REs or something) and put them in RAID 10. Using the Intel RAID Controller will not work as there would be no TRIM.

What if I brought a RAID controller (Adaptec or LSI for example) separately and used that to link up the two hard drives, while the SSD is linked to AHCI?

Is this route valid, and I can still use TRIM?

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  1. Trying to understand the problem, why would TRIM support matter if you're using 4 WD HDs in RAID 10? Trim is only for SSDs.

    Are you saying you're planning on putting the SSD in the RAID 10 with the 4 HDs? Generally RAID 10 (or 01) is set up with an even number of equally sized disks. There really isn't a good way to incorporate your SSD into a RAID without buying another SSD.
  2. Do you not have sata ports that are outside of the raid group? usually there are two just for such purposes.
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