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I have been considering just having a SSD in my new gaming computer and having a USB 3.0 HDD to store my movies on. With a portable HDD, it will allow me to take it to friends place etc. I am wondering if it will be faster and more worthwhile. I do not have enough to spend on the HDD when first building the computer so if i do get an internal it will be install after a few months.
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    I see no reason, other than you may run out of space on the SSD if you don't buy a big enough one.

    USB3.0 is fast enough to not seriously bottleneck a HDD. But you'll want to get a 7200RPM drive in an enclosure, versus buying an external. A pre-built external will give you a pretty weak 5400RPM drive.

    Unless you don't care about speed.
  2. In that case, better to get an internal? I will have a 128GB SSD and 1TB internal. It is fine to install a HDD after the initial computer build?
  3. Yes thats the recommended way.
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