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I was upgrading my graphic card to play Final Fantasy XIV. I first installed a XFX HD 5770 to my computer but had problem with the card so I returned it (the store was out of stock for an exchange).

Then I bought the Asus EAH5770 CuCore. Installed the card and everything works fine and FFXIV benchmark was 2460 for high and 3650 for low (slightly better than XFX’s).

But for some reasons I had to reformat the computer. After I reinstalled everything, the FFXIV benchmark was at only 2330 for high. I installed the latest 5770 driver from ATI’s website, the benchmark was back to ~2460, but the low was at only 3400.

Why the benchmark scored lower after I reformatted the computer? Please help. I appreciate for your help and advice.

Thank you,
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  1. was your gpu driver the same version after the format?
  2. jefe323 said:
    was your gpu driver the same version after the format?

    It was the same. I had the XFX's driver on first but it was uninstalled before I install the Asus. But when I installed the Asus driver from the disc that came with the package, there was an error at the end but the card works fine so I didn't bother. After the format, I put on the same driver from Asus' disc.

    But after the format when I tried to run the FFXIV benchmark, I got an error said the d3dx9_41.dll is missing. So I downloaded and installed the DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer from Microsoft. Could this be the cause of the issue?

    Thank you,
  3. try downloading the latest driver straight from amd (10.7)
  4. jefe323 said:
    try downloading the latest driver straight from amd (10.7)

    I actually tried the AMD 10.7 driver and it brought the benchmark score back to 2470 for high, however the score for low was still at 3400 which was about 200 lower than before I format the computer. ><
  5. then try either 10.4 or 10.5 (both stable)
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