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I am currently planning the next big upgrade for my computer. (GTX 580 SLI, water cooling system, upgrading i7 920) I was planning on getting an i7 980X after Christmas when , hopefully, the price would come down a bit. Now I'm reading up on Sandy Bridge and the new 990X and am rethinking my plan.

Based on SB reviews it seems like I can get 980x performance at half the cost (even with the new mobo I'd need). Sounds like a great deal. Unfortunately, the high end 6/8-core SB's won't be released until later next year. I also don't care at all about the embedded graphics on the SB seeing as how I'll have GTX 580 SLI. Wondering if this feature will be any benefit to me at all or even if it will cause issues with the dedicated gpus?

Reading up on the 990X it seems like a 980X with a small speed boost. Seems like a waste of money.

So my question is....

a) Stick with the 980X?
b) Get a new SB and mobo?
c) Get the 990X?
d) Keep my current processor and wait till later next year when the high end 6/8-core SBs are released.
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  1. I wouldn't pay full price for any new cpu. I found an i7 920 recently for only $100 from a guy who needed rent money. I resold it for $155. It was even a DO stepping. I didn't need such power for surfing the net. As one tech put it, you'll pay up to 50% more for an extra ten percent performance boost. That's why the low end cpus are more popular. Sometimes they overclock to the higher levels.
  2. Thanks for not answering my question at all. How about you quit wasting both of our time.
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